The City of Sunrise, while only 18 Square miles, ranks 30th in terms of housing density in Florida, just behind its neighboring City, Plantation. Unfortunately, given its small size and lack of reasonable opportunities to grow our borders, there is not much land left for future housing growth.

Sunrise has some wonderful neighborhoods that we can all be proud of. Unfortunately some of our housing stock is in much need of rehabilitation, especially some that were built in the early years of the development of our City. Much of the construction that has taken place in the past decade and that which is has been multifamily condominiums and apartments. This density goes a far way in accommodating the housing needs of our very diverse population but at price points which cannot easily be met by the average working family in Sunrise.

This make it imperative that we seek to encourage the rehabilitation of our existing housing stock, especially in our older neighborhoods and increasing density to accommodate more working families.

As commissioner, I will encourage developers to pursue in fill housing, ie. Rededicating some of our underutilized lots to housing development and offering developers tax incentives to build more work-force housing for working families so they can better be able to afford the product. I will also work to put programs in place to assist qualified, current owners who need to make badly needed repairs to their homes to make them more livable to be able to do so. This type of activity encourages family stability and strengthens our community. In doing this we can ensure implement reasonable limitations to ensure that individuals who benefit from such programs have to repay these sums if they sell the property within a specified period.