Sunrise City Commission Meeting Minutes

Open Discussion
Johnny Nelson approached the Commission to advise that the bulk trash pick-up issue was being resolved by City staff. The City was in negotiation for additional pick-ups for all condominiums in Sunrise.

Paul Lipof requested that the City try to communicate with the residents of Artesia directly regarding the issues in the development. He asked for a community forum to gather the community’s opinions.

Mayor Ryan agreed that a community meeting workshop at Artesia was necessary. He stated that one of the problems was that not everyone knew the full chain of events. Mr. Lipof thanked Mayor Ryan and staff for their efforts. Commissioner Scuotto asked who was sending email.

Mr. Lipof advised that the email was between the sub-association officers and the master board. It was difficult for the representatives to fully address the issues on behalf of the residents.

Commissioner Scuotto explained that he was at the last meeting and it appeared that an ultimatum was issued to the association. The dues paying members were supposed to pay $1,400 maximum in membership fees. Now there was a push for more money. He did not know what the City’s role could be. If the residents were looking for guidance, the City would be happy to help. However, the residents had to live there. Minto always blamed the economy for the change in the density. The residents may have been given different or partial information about what had occurred in the past. Because Artesia was allowed to build low, the other developers built low, too. He believed that the latest developer wanted to divest itself at this point. He would support a meeting to discuss the fees.

Mr. Lipof replied that only one viable option was presented that evening and there was not a real choice. He wanted the City to gather information from the residents about what they wanted from the future development. Commissioner Scuotto stated he had concerns about the City interceding and looking as though it was steering the choices of residents.

Mayor Ryan commented that the membership fees needed to be reasonable. If the fees were too high, it would interfere with future sales. Ultimately, the City needed to do what was in the best long-term interest. Mr. Lipof answered that this was his first home and his most important investment. The developer overruled or vetoed the decisions of the board. He wanted information and opinions directly from the residents. Many talented people lived in the community and offered to assist.

Mark Douglas approached and stated that the history of the development was very important. The condominiums provided vibrancy to the community. The viability issue was connected to the long term costs, not the initial purchase price. The lost density now totaled approximately $500,000 in membership fees per year. It was a significant amount. If Minto was allowed to build, the long-term viability was in danger. Mayor Ryan replied that the City needed all of the presidents to come out and support the initiative. Everyone was going to have to face the issue of future budgets. Mr. Douglas thought that the elevation of the new development should match the
aesthetics of the area.

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