Most adults have responsibilities and at some point become conscious of their fiscal responsibilities. ie. taking care of the financial matters of concern to the individual and his or her family. An individual’s fiscal responsibility includes paying rent or mortgage, buying groceries, paying taxes and saving. Sending responsibly is a central plank of fiscal responsibly in order to ensure that we are able to balance our budgets. Put simply, we cannot spend more than we earn or we would need to borrow or dip into savings to fund our daily lifestyles.

Governments too have fiscal responsibilities and our leaders do not always manage our resources in such a manner that one could consider responsible to ensure sustainable and balanced budgets. Sunrise is no different, while the leadership over the past two years have been able to create a budget without dipping into our emergency reserves; this has not always been the case.

I aim to make fiscal responsibility on the part of City Government a central focus of my leadership. I aim to promote strong fiscal responsibility by focusing on Government spending, to ensure sustainable public finances. To do this I will be proposing an ordinance that makes it mandatory for Sunrise to have a balanced annual budget that does not depend on emergency reserves but is centered on responsible spending and drawing efficiencies out of our operations. I will identify all areas in which we can cut wasteful spending and ensure that there is proper justification for our spending, especially on big ticket items.

One of the things I am proud of and which I intend to bring to the City is the way we have managed our spending in my own Condominium Association where I have been President for the past Eight Years. In this entire time that I have been president, we have never had a single increase in homeowner’s assessment, have given 10 % reductions in two consecutive years, maintained a surplus in each and every year and still maintain our infrastructure to the highest standards to protect and maintain the value of our assets. This is the kind of responsible leadership that Sunrise residents can expect from me as their next City Commissioner.