Sunrise is a robust city of approximately 85,000 residents. The City has grown tremendously over the last 20 years and has one of the most diverse populations in Broward County, Florida. In fact, according to the Supervisor of Elections, as of July 2016, Sunrise registered voters were 39.5 % white, 27 % African American, 22.5 % Hispanic and 10% other.

This is a signal of the richness of our community in its diversity. Unfortunately, the leadership of the community is not reflective of this diversity. In its 56 years of existence, Sunrise has had 50 representatives either elected or appointed to its commission, the very top of its leadership. None of these 50 individuals have been a person, who fit within any of the recognized categories of minority, except perhaps, female, of which there has been 7.

I am sure all good thinking members of the community will agree that the leadership of a community needs to reflect the diversity of the community. Certainly, this is not a question of whether whites can govern blacks or Hispanics or others. There is no issue of adverse race relationship in our community. The question is really whether a diversity of influences, cultural nuances, background and values can be found in just one group. I say the answer is no. When policy decisions are being made at City Hall, it certainly serves our diverse community better, if there are people who understand and articulate during the discussions, various values, attitudes and cultural nuances which exist in different members of our community which may affect the manner in which the those polices will impact the people.

Not only must the diversity and inclusiveness be reflected in our leadership but in all areas of the government that serves the people. Not only must there be diversity and inclusiveness in our community, but it must also be seen, that diversity and inclusiveness is in our government and our leadership.

I will promote measures geared towards making sure that every resident of Sunrise, feel like they are a part of the fabric of this community and to ensure that all our stakeholders and residents feel a part of and benefit from, the economic and social developments taking place in our wonderful city.