Small Businesses are the driving force behind our economy and helps to maintain robust employment and strengthen our communities. We cannot sustain a stable community that is reliant on large corporations only, to provide employment opportunities and drive entrepreneurship.

This is why I will seek to foster economic development by supporting small businesses to help them expand and create more Job opportunities by offering grants or interest free small business loans tied to employment creation. I understand the challenges that are faced by many of our small businesses in obtaining financing in order to fund working capital and to make capital expenditures to expand.

When our businesses thrive, they not only promote greater levels of employment, but pay more in their fair share of taxes which reduces the tax burden on our residents to fund our budgetary needs.

Many of our small businesses do not have the management or technical expertise to navigate the many expensive and time consuming regulatory requirements that are often forced upon them and cause their businesses to fail. I will together with our leaders and administrators to continuously review our policies and processes to ensure they serve to promote a compelling Governmental interest of the City and is not just another bureaucratic cog in the wheel of government which only serves to create inefficiencies.

As an individual who previously served on the small Business advisory Board of the City, who has worked for vibrant small businesses and who is a small business owner myself, I have a wide understanding of the issues that are encountered by such businesses and will work hard to drive policies to increase their chances of success and stability.